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Updates of Spoken English 2020

 Blog launch on 27th march 2014 http://spokenenglish2020.blogspot.in/



  1. Send an e-mail to sales@english-2020.com to buy the software.
    The software costs US $99 and it has 20 lessons for beginner to intermediate level.
    It will be soon available on amazon.com.
    A special Indian student edition has been released for Rs. 399/- for a limited time only. This version is for Hindi/Bengali/Telugu speakers. That is, if you really want the translations in text in any of those languages for extra help, you can choose it. But you can also choose English only to be totally in English environment, as I do for my students.
    Visit the site english-2020.com for more info and demo videos.

  2. It seems that the main site has moved to www.ieosd.com and www.spokenenglish2020.com

  3. contact english.ieosd@gmail.com New product "Spoken English for Engineers and Scientists" - a 60-hour computer-aided self-study course to become fluent in technical English. Essential for discussions, meetings, presentation, job interview, teaching and going to US/UK for higher studies.
    Possibly the first software in this field.

  4. Two New products released 1) Spoken English for Engineers and Scientists. World's first and only software that teaches Technical communication in English- a 60-hour intensive course. Loaded with technical information and perfect English pronunciation, just see listen and repeat. Includes Job interview and Group Discussion skills.
    2. Modern Spoken English for Science students - A 250-Page Book + 20 Audio files.
    Write to English.ieosd@gmail.com to order your copy or search www.amazon.in